Flying Down to Rio 1933

An aviator and band leader who is always getting his group fired for his flirtatious behavior with the female guests soon finds himself falling for an engaged woman.

All Titles
  • Полет в Рио
  • AT: Carioca Carioca
  • BR: Voando para o Rio Voando para o Rio
  • BG: Летим за Рио Летим за Рио
  • DK: Carioca Carioca
  • FI: Carioca Carioca
  • FR: Carioca Carioca
  • GR: Carioca Carioca
  • HU: Riói leányok Riói leányok
  • IT: Carioca Carioca
  • MX: Volando hacia Janeiro Volando hacia Janeiro
  • NL: Carioca Carioca
  • NL: Vlucht naar Rio Vlucht naar Rio
  • PL: Karioka Karioka
  • PT: Voando Para o Rio de Janeiro Voando Para o Rio de Janeiro
  • ES: Volant cap a Río de Janeiro Volant cap a Río de Janeiro
  • ES: Volando hacia Río de Janeiro Volando hacia Río de Janeiro
  • SE: Flyg med till Rio! Flyg med till Rio!
  • TR: Karyoka Karyoka
Directed by Thornton Freeland
Artists Fred Astaire
as Fred Ayres
Ginger Rogers
as Honey Hale
Blanche Friderici
as Dona Elena De Rezende
Release date 29 Dec 1933
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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