Flightplan 2005

A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet, the child vanishes, and nobody will admit she was ever on the plane.

All Titles
  • AR: Plan de vuelo Plan de vuelo
  • BR: Plano de Voo Plano de Voo
  • BG: Летателен план Летателен план
  • CA: Plan de vol Plan de vol
  • CA: Flightplan Flightplan
  • HR: Red letenja Red letenja
  • CZ: Tajemny let Tajemny let
  • EE: Lennuplaan Lennuplaan
  • FI: Flightplan Flightplan
  • FR: Flight plan Flight plan
  • DE: Flightplan - Ohne jede Spur Flightplan - Ohne jede Spur
  • GR: Shedio ptisis Shedio ptisis
  • GR: Σχέδιο πτήσης Σχέδιο πτήσης
  • HK: High Jinx at Thirty Thousand Feet High Jinx at Thirty Thousand Feet
  • HU: Légcsavar Légcsavar
  • IL: Ha-Tissa Ha-Tissa
  • IT: Flightplan - Mistero in volo Flightplan - Mistero in volo
  • LT: Skrydžio planas Skrydžio planas
  • MX: Plan de vuelo Plan de vuelo
  • PE: Plan de vuelo Plan de vuelo
  • PL: Plan lotu Plan lotu
  • PT: Pânico a Bordo Pânico a Bordo
  • RO: Plan de zbor Plan de zbor
  • RO: Jurnal de bord Jurnal de bord
  • RU: Иллюзия полета Иллюзия полета
  • RS: Plan leta Plan leta
  • SI: Pogresana na letalu Pogresana na letalu
  • ES: Plan de vuelo: Desaparecida Plan de vuelo: Desaparecida
  • TR: Uçus plani Uçus plani
  • UA: Iлюзiя польоту Iлюзiя польоту
  • UY: Plan de vuelo Plan de vuelo
  • VE: Plan de vuelo Plan de vuelo
  • VN: Chuyên Bay Kinh Hoàng Chuyên Bay Kinh Hoàng
Directed by Robert Schwentke
Artists Jodie Foster
as Kyle Pratt
Sean Bean
as Captain Rich
Greta Scacchi
as Therapist
Release date 23 Sep 2005
Genre Action Drama Mystery Thriller
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