Flaming Star 1960

When fighting breaks out between two cultures in West Texas, the mixed-blood Pacer tries to act as a peacemaker, but the "flaming star of death" pulls him irrevocably into the deadly violence.

All Titles
  • Пламенеющая звезда
  • Black Heart
  • Black Star
  • Flaming Heart
  • Flaming Lance
  • Flammender Stern
  • AR: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • AT: Flammender Stern Flammender Stern
  • BR: Estrela de Fogo Estrela de Fogo
  • DK: Flammende stjerne Flammende stjerne
  • FI: Halvblodet Halvblodet
  • FI: Puoliverinen Puoliverinen
  • FR: Les rôdeurs de la plaine Les rôdeurs de la plaine
  • DE: Elvis Presley - Flaming Star Elvis Presley - Flaming Star
  • GR: Pali mehri thanatou Pali mehri thanatou
  • HU: Lángoló csillag Lángoló csillag
  • IT: Stella di fuoco Stella di fuoco
  • JP: Moeru heigen-ji Moeru heigen-ji
  • MX: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • NO: Den flammende stjerne Den flammende stjerne
  • PL: Plonaca gwiazda Plonaca gwiazda
  • PT: A Lança em Chamas A Lança em Chamas
  • ES: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • SE: Halvblodet Halvblodet
  • SE: Vild man i Texas Vild man i Texas
  • TR: Vadiler krali Vadiler krali
Directed by Don Siegel
Artists Elvis Presley
as Pacer Burton
Barbara Eden
as Roslyn Pierce
Release date 20 Dec 1960
Genre Western
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