Flaming Star 1960

When fighting breaks out between two cultures in West Texas, the mixed-blood Pacer tries to act as a peacemaker, but the "flaming star of death" pulls him irrevocably into the deadly violence.

All Titles
  • Пламенеющая звезда
  • Black Heart
  • Black Star
  • Flaming Heart
  • Flaming Lance
  • Flammender Stern
  • AR: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • AT: Flammender Stern Flammender Stern
  • BR: Estrela de Fogo Estrela de Fogo
  • DK: Flammende stjerne Flammende stjerne
  • FI: Halvblodet Halvblodet
  • FI: Puoliverinen Puoliverinen
  • FR: Les rôdeurs de la plaine Les rôdeurs de la plaine
  • DE: Elvis Presley - Flaming Star Elvis Presley - Flaming Star
  • GR: Pali mehri thanatou Pali mehri thanatou
  • HU: Lángoló csillag Lángoló csillag
  • IT: Stella di fuoco Stella di fuoco
  • JP: Moeru heigen-ji Moeru heigen-ji
  • MX: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • NO: Den flammende stjerne Den flammende stjerne
  • PL: Plonaca gwiazda Plonaca gwiazda
  • PT: A Lança em Chamas A Lança em Chamas
  • ES: Estrella de fuego Estrella de fuego
  • SE: Halvblodet Halvblodet
  • SE: Vild man i Texas Vild man i Texas
  • TR: Vadiler krali Vadiler krali
Directed by Don Siegel show all movies of Don Siegel
Artists Elvis Presley
as Pacer Burton
Barbara Eden
as Roslyn Pierce
Release date 20 Dec 1960
Genre Western
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