First Sunday 2008

Durell Washington and LeeJohn Jackson are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When Durell learns that his ex-girlfriend plans to move to another state with their son Durell Jr.--...

All Titles
  • AR: No robarás en domingo No robarás en domingo
  • BR: Primeiro Domingo Primeiro Domingo
  • BG: Първата неделя Първата неделя
  • CA: Bon dimanche Bon dimanche
  • GR: Apateones tis plakas Apateones tis plakas
  • HU: Első vasárnap Első vasárnap
  • IT: First sunday - Non c'è più religione First sunday - Non c'è più religione
  • LT: Pirmas sekmadienis Pirmas sekmadienis
  • PT: Assalto à Paróquia Assalto à Paróquia
  • RO: O duminica de pomina O duminica de pomina
  • RU: Первое воскресенье Первое воскресенье
  • RS: Prva nedelja Prva nedelja
  • ES: Atraco en la iglesia Atraco en la iglesia
Directed by David E. Talbert
Artists Ice Cube
as Durell
Michael Beach
as Deacon
Don Abernathy
as Church Member
Release date 11 Jan 2008
Genre Comedy Crime Drama
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