Fire Down Below 1997

Going undercover in rural Kentucky, an environmental agent tries to prove the dumping of toxic waste in the local coal mines by ruthless industrialists.

All Titles
  • AR: Infierno bajo tierra Infierno bajo tierra
  • AT: Fire Down Below Fire Down Below
  • BR: Ameaça Subterrânea Ameaça Subterrânea
  • BG: Подземен огън Подземен огън
  • CA: Alerte sous la Terre Alerte sous la Terre
  • FI: Tappava salaisuus Tappava salaisuus
  • FR: Menace toxique Menace toxique
  • DE: Fire Down Below Fire Down Below
  • GR: Flegomeni gi Flegomeni gi
  • GR: Φλεγόμενη γη Φλεγόμενη γη
  • HU: Tűz a mélyben Tűz a mélyben
  • IT: Fire Down Below - L'inferno sepolto Fire Down Below - L'inferno sepolto
  • JP: Chinmoku no dangai Chinmoku no dangai
  • PL: W morzu ognia W morzu ognia
  • PT: Corrupção Total Corrupção Total
  • RO: Focul din adâncuri Focul din adâncuri
  • RU: Огонь из преисподней Огонь из преисподней
  • RS: Požar u Kentakiju Požar u Kentakiju
  • ES: En tierra peligrosa 2 En tierra peligrosa 2
  • ES: En terra perillosa 2 En terra perillosa 2
Directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá show all movies of Félix Enríquez Alcalá
Artists Steven Seagal
as Jack Taggert
Marg Helgenberger
as Sarah Kellogg
Kris Kristofferson
as Orin, Sr.
Release date 05 Sep 1997
Genre Action Drama Thriller
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