Find Me Guilty 2005

In the late 1980s, a low level gangster named Jackie DiNorscio defends himself in court in what became the longest criminal trial in American judicial history.

All Titles
  • Find Me Guilty: The Jackie Dee Story
  • DE: Find Me Guilty Find Me Guilty
  • BR: Sob Suspeita Sob Suspeita
  • CA: Coupable ou non? Coupable ou non?
  • HR: Dokazana krivica Dokazana krivica
  • CZ: Dokažte mi vinu Dokažte mi vinu
  • DK: Guilty Guilty
  • FI: Find me guilty - uskomaton oikeudenkäynti Find me guilty - uskomaton oikeudenkäynti
  • FR: Jugez-moi coupable Jugez-moi coupable
  • DE: Find Me Guilty - Der Mafiaprozess Find Me Guilty - Der Mafiaprozess
  • GR: Enohi siopi Enohi siopi
  • HU: Védd magad! Védd magad!
  • IT: Prova a incastrarmi Prova a incastrarmi
  • LT: Pripažinkite mane kaltu Pripažinkite mane kaltu
  • PL: Uznajcie mnie za winnego Uznajcie mnie za winnego
  • PT: Mafioso Quanto Baste... Mafioso Quanto Baste...
  • RO: Pledez vinovat?! Pledez vinovat?!
  • RU: Признайте меня виновным Признайте меня виновным
  • RS: Proglasite me krivim Proglasite me krivim
  • ES: Declaradme culpable Declaradme culpable
  • TR: Beni suçlu bulun Beni suçlu bulun
  • UA: Доведiть мою провину Доведiть мою провину
Directed by Sidney Lumet
Artists Annabella Sciorra
as Bella DiNorscio
Vin Diesel
as Jackie DiNorscio
Jerry Adler
as Saul Rizzo
Release date 17 Mar 2006
Genre Biography Comedy Crime Drama
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