Final Voyage 1999

This is the story of a modern day pirate mad man and his crew of 8, searching for fortune on a cruise ship but a small group of passengers fight back.

All Titles
  • AR: En alerta máxima En alerta máxima
  • BR: Terror em Alto Mar Terror em Alto Mar
  • BG: Последното пътуване Последното пътуване
  • FR: Terrorisme en haute mer Terrorisme en haute mer
  • DE: Kreuzfahrtschiff auf Todeskurs Kreuzfahrtschiff auf Todeskurs
  • GR: Tragodia ston Atlantiko Tragodia ston Atlantiko
  • HU: Utolsó utazás Utolsó utazás
  • IT: Terrore in alto mare Terrore in alto mare
  • IT: Crociera di sangue Crociera di sangue
  • RO: Ultimul drum Ultimul drum
  • ES: Pànic a alta mar Pànic a alta mar
  • ES: Pánico en alta mar Pánico en alta mar
Directed by Jim Wynorski show all movies of Jim Wynorski
Artists Erika Eleniak
as Gloria
as Josef
Rocco Salata
as Hersh
Release date 16 Jan 2000
Genre Action Drama
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