Fame 1980

A chronicle of the lives of several teenagers who attend a New York high school for students gifted in the performing arts.

All Titles
  • Слава
  • Hot Lunch
  • Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm
  • AR: Fama Fama
  • AU: Fame: The Original Movie Fame: The Original Movie
  • AT: Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm
  • BR: Fama Fama
  • BG: Слава Слава
  • CA: La fièvre des planches La fièvre des planches
  • DK: Fame Fame
  • FI: Fame Fame
  • FR: Fame Fame
  • DE: Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm Fame - Der Weg zum Ruhm
  • GR: Στον πυρετό της δόξας Στον πυρετό της δόξας
  • HU: Hírnév Hírnév
  • IT: Saranno famosi Saranno famosi
  • MX: Fama Fama
  • PE: Fama Fama
  • PL: Slawa Slawa
  • PT: Fama Fama
  • RO: Celebritate Celebritate
  • ES: Fama Fama
  • UY: Fama Fama
Directed by Alan Parker
Artists Meg Tilly
as Principal Dancer
Debbie Allen
as Lydia
Barry Bostwick
as Brad Majors - A Hero (archive footage)
Release date 16 May 1980
Genre Drama Music Musical
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