Fame 2009

An updated version of the musical

All Titles
  • AR: Fama Fama
  • BR: Fama Fama
  • CA: La fièvre des planches La fièvre des planches
  • HR: Slava Slava
  • FI: Fame Fame
  • FI: Fame Fame
  • GR: Fame Fame
  • HU: Fame - Hírnév Fame - Hírnév
  • IT: Fame - Saranno Famosi Fame - Saranno Famosi
  • LV: Zvaigznu skola Zvaigznu skola
  • LT: Tapti zvaigzde Tapti zvaigzde
  • MX: Fama Fama
  • PE: Fama Fama
  • PL: Slawa Slawa
  • PT: Fama Fama
  • RO: Celebritate Celebritate
  • RU: Слава Слава
  • SI: Fame: Sanje o slavi Fame: Sanje o slavi
  • ES: Fama Fama
  • TR: Fame Fame
Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Artists Debbie Allen
as Ms. Angela Simms
Charles S. Dutton
as Mr. James Dowd
Kelsey Grammer
as Mr. Martin Cranston
Release date 25 Sep 2009
Genre Comedy Drama Musical Romance
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