Fallen Angel 1945

A slick con man arrives in a small town looking to make some money, but soon gets more than he bargained for.

All Titles
  • Падший ангел
  • AR: ¿Ángel o diablo? ¿Ángel o diablo?
  • BR: Anjo ou Demônio? Anjo ou Demônio?
  • CA: Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
  • DK: En falden engel En falden engel
  • FI: Langennut enkeli Langennut enkeli
  • FR: Crime passionnel Crime passionnel
  • DE: Mord in der Hochzeitsnacht Mord in der Hochzeitsnacht
  • GR: Angeloi sto vourko Angeloi sto vourko
  • HU: A múlt angyala A múlt angyala
  • IT: Un angelo è caduto Un angelo è caduto
  • MX: ¿Ángel o diablo? ¿Ángel o diablo?
  • PL: Upadly aniol Upadly aniol
  • PT: Anjo ou Demónio? Anjo ou Demónio?
  • RO: Inger cazut Inger cazut
  • ES: ¿Ángel o diablo? ¿Ángel o diablo?
  • SE: Fallen ängel Fallen ängel
  • TR: Lekesiz Ask Lekesiz Ask
Directed by Otto Preminger
Artists John Carradine
as Professor Madley
Release date 20 Mar 1946
Genre Crime Film-Noir Mystery Romance
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