Face/Off 1997

In order to foil an extortion plot, an FBI agent undergoes a facial transplant surgery and assumes the identity and physical appearance of a terrorist, but the plan turns from bad to worse when the same terrorist impersonates the FBI agent.

All Titles
  • Face Off
  • AR: Contracara Contracara
  • AT: Im Körper des Feindes Im Körper des Feindes
  • BR: A Outra Face A Outra Face
  • BG: Лице назаем Лице назаем
  • CA: Double identité Double identité
  • CA: Double/identité Double/identité
  • HR: Čovjek bez lica Čovjek bez lica
  • CZ: Tvárí v tvár Tvárí v tvár
  • DK: Face/Off Face/Off
  • EE: Kahe/Võitlus Kahe/Võitlus
  • FI: Face/Off Face/Off
  • FI: Face/off - kahdet kasvot Face/off - kahdet kasvot
  • FI: Face/off - två ansikten Face/off - två ansikten
  • FI: Kahdet kasvot Kahdet kasvot
  • FR: Volte/face Volte/face
  • DE: Im Körper des Feindes: Face/Off Im Körper des Feindes: Face/Off
  • GR: Adistakta/Prosopa Adistakta/Prosopa
  • GR: Αδίστακτα πρόσωπα Αδίστακτα πρόσωπα
  • HU: Ál/Arc Ál/Arc
  • IR: Taghire Chehre Taghire Chehre
  • IT: Face/Off - Due facce di un assassino Face/Off - Due facce di un assassino
  • LT: Dviveidis Dviveidis
  • MX: Contra/Cara Contra/Cara
  • NO: Face/Off Face/Off
  • PE: Contracara Contracara
  • PL: Bez twarzy Bez twarzy
  • PT: A Outra Face A Outra Face
  • RO: Fata in fata Fata in fata
  • RU: Без лица Без лица
  • RS: Ukradeno lice Ukradeno lice
  • SI: Brez obraza Brez obraza
  • ES: Cara a cara Cara a cara
  • TR: Yüz/Yüze Yüz/Yüze
  • UA: Без обличчя Без обличчя
  • VE: Contracara Contracara
Directed by John Woo show all movies of John Woo
Artists Nicolas Cage
as Castor Troy
Gina Gershon
as Sasha Hassler
John Travolta
as Sean Archer
Release date 27 Jun 1997
Genre Action Crime Sci-Fi Thriller
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