F*&% the Prom 2017

1st day of high school 2 friends split and 3.5 years later he's still the least popular and she's the most popular girl but brutally loses the throne and allies with her old friend and get Machiavellian at the popular girls and their prom.

All Titles
  • F*&% the Prom
  • Text Me When It's Over
  • F the Prom
  • Fuck the Prom
  • F the Prom
  • RU: Убить выпускной Убить выпускной
  • RS: J*š matursko veče J*š matursko veče
  • UA: F*&% the Prom F*&% the Prom
Directed by Benny Fine
Artists Nicholle Tom
as Principal Statszill
Ian Ziering
as Ken Reede
Marnie Alexenburg
as Mrs. Carter
Release date 05 Dec 2017
Genre Comedy Drama
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