Extraordinary Measures 2010

A drama centered on the efforts of John and Aileen Crowley to find a researcher who might have a cure for their two children's rare genetic disorder.

All Titles
  • The Untitled Crowley Project
  • Crowley
  • The Crowley Project
  • AR: Decisiones extremas Decisiones extremas
  • BR: Decisões Extremas Decisões Extremas
  • BG: Извънредни мерки Извънредни мерки
  • CA: Mesures extraordinaires Mesures extraordinaires
  • FI: Extraordinary Measures Extraordinary Measures
  • FI: Extraordinary Measures - Elämä veitsenterällä Extraordinary Measures - Elämä veitsenterällä
  • FR: Mesures exceptionnelles Mesures exceptionnelles
  • DE: Ausnahmesituation Ausnahmesituation
  • GR: Akraia metra Akraia metra
  • HU: Eszeveszett küzdelem Eszeveszett küzdelem
  • IR: Tamhidate Fogholaddeh Tamhidate Fogholaddeh
  • IT: Misure straordinarie Misure straordinarie
  • LT: Kraštutines priemones Kraštutines priemones
  • MX: Decisiones extremas Decisiones extremas
  • PE: Decisiones Extremas Decisiones Extremas
  • PL: Srodki nadzwyczajne Srodki nadzwyczajne
  • PT: Medidas Extraordinárias Medidas Extraordinárias
  • RO: Masuri extraordinare Masuri extraordinare
  • RU: Крайние Меры Крайние Меры
  • SI: Izredni ukrepi Izredni ukrepi
  • ES: Medidas extraordinarias Medidas extraordinarias
  • TR: Sinirda Yasayanlar Sinirda Yasayanlar
Directed by Tom Vaughan
Artists Harrison Ford
as Dr. Stonehill
Brendan Fraser
as John Crowley
Patrick Bauchau
as CEO Erich Loring
Release date 22 Jan 2010
Genre Drama
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