Evan Almighty 2007

God contacts Congressman Evan Baxter and tells him to build an ark in preparation for a great flood.

All Titles
  • Bruce: The Second Coming
  • Bruce Almighty 2
  • The Passion of the Ark
  • AR: Regreso del todopoderoso Regreso del todopoderoso
  • BR: A Volta do Todo Poderoso A Volta do Todo Poderoso
  • BG: Всемогъщият Евън Всемогъщият Евън
  • CA: Evan le tout-puissant Evan le tout-puissant
  • CO: Regreso del Todopoderoso Regreso del Todopoderoso
  • HR: Svemogući Evan Svemogući Evan
  • CZ: Bozský Evan Bozský Evan
  • DK: Du almægtige, Evan Du almægtige, Evan
  • EE: Kõikvõimas Evan Kõikvõimas Evan
  • FI: Evan taivaanlahja Evan taivaanlahja
  • FR: Evan tout-puissant Evan tout-puissant
  • DE: Evan Allmächtig Evan Allmächtig
  • GR: Noe gia mia vdomada Noe gia mia vdomada
  • GR: Νώε για μια βδομάδα Νώε για μια βδομάδα
  • HU: Evan, a minden6ó Evan, a minden6ó
  • IT: Un'impresa da Dio Un'impresa da Dio
  • LV: Visvarenais Evans Visvarenais Evans
  • LT: Yvanas visagalis Yvanas visagalis
  • NO: Evan den Allmektige Evan den Allmektige
  • PL: Evan Wszechmogący Evan Wszechmogący
  • PT: Evan, o Todo-Poderoso Evan, o Todo-Poderoso
  • RO: Evan Atotputernicul Evan Atotputernicul
  • RU: Эван Всемогущий Эван Всемогущий
  • RS: Svemogući Evan Svemogući Evan
  • SI: Vsemogocni Evan Vsemogocni Evan
  • ES: Sigo como Dios Sigo como Dios
  • SE: Evan den allsmäktige Evan den allsmäktige
  • TR: Aman tanrim 2 Aman tanrim 2
  • UA: Еван Всемогутнiй Еван Всемогутнiй
Directed by Tom Shadyac
Artists Morgan Freeman
as God
John Goodman
as Congressman Long
Catherine Bell
as Susan Ortega - News Anchor
Release date 22 Jun 2007
Genre Comedy Family Fantasy
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