Eraser 1996

A Witness Protection specialist becomes suspicious of his co-workers when dealing with a case involving high-tech weapons.

All Titles
  • AR: El protector El protector
  • AT: Eraser Eraser
  • BR: Queima de Arquivo Queima de Arquivo
  • BG: Заличителят Заличителят
  • CA: L'effaceur L'effaceur
  • CA: Eraser Eraser
  • HR: Brisač Brisač
  • CZ: Likvidátor Likvidátor
  • DK: Eraser Eraser
  • EE: Kustutaja Kustutaja
  • FI: Eraser - suojelija Eraser - suojelija
  • FR: L'effaceur L'effaceur
  • DE: Eraser Eraser
  • GR: Apolyti diagrafi Apolyti diagrafi
  • GR: Απόλυτη διαγραφή Απόλυτη διαγραφή
  • HU: Végképp eltörölni Végképp eltörölni
  • IT: L'eliminatore - Eraser L'eliminatore - Eraser
  • LT: Trintukas Trintukas
  • MX: El protector El protector
  • PE: El protector El protector
  • PL: Egzekutor Egzekutor
  • RO: Eraser Eraser
  • RU: Стиратель Стиратель
  • RS: Likvidator Likvidator
  • SK: Likvidátor Likvidátor
  • SI: Eraser Eraser
  • ES: Eraser Eraser
  • TR: Silici Silici
  • UA: Стирач Стирач
  • VE: El protector El protector
Directed by Chuck Russell
Artists Arnold Schwarzenegger
as U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger
James Coburn
as WitSec Chief Beller
James Cromwell
as William Donohue
Release date 21 Jun 1996
Genre Action Drama Mystery Thriller
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