Employee of the Month 2004

It just isn't David's day. First he gets fired at the bank, then his fiancee breaks up and throws him out of the house. The bank gets robbed and he gets shot. Twists follow.

All Titles
  • BR: O Dia Perfeito O Dia Perfeito
  • BG: Служител на месеца Служител на месеца
  • FI: Helvetillinen päivä Helvetillinen päivä
  • FR: L'employé du mois L'employé du mois
  • DE: You're Fired! You're Fired!
  • GR: O ypallilos tou mina O ypallilos tou mina
  • HU: Akire büszkék vagyunk! - A hónap dolgozója Akire büszkék vagyunk! - A hónap dolgozója
  • PL: Pracownik miesiaca Pracownik miesiaca
  • PT: Dias de Revolta Dias de Revolta
  • RU: Герой месяца Герой месяца
  • RS: Radnik meseca Radnik meseca
  • ES: El empleado del mes El empleado del mes
  • ES: Empleat del mes Empleat del mes
  • SE: Bad Things Bad Things
  • UA: Найкращий працiвник мiсяця Найкращий працiвник мiсяця
Directed by Mitch Rouse
Artists Matt Dillon
as David Walsh
Christina Applegate
as Sara Goodwin
Steve Zahn
as Jack
Release date 17 Jan 2004
Genre Comedy Drama
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