El Camino Christmas 2017

Eric comes to El Camino looking for his unknown dad. He's harassed, hit and jailed by a drunk local cop, who later shoots at a liquor mart with Eric +4 inside. The sheriff and deputy then shoot up the place, answering each other's fire.

All Titles
  • BR: Natal em El Camino Natal em El Camino
  • FR: Un Noël à El Camino Un Noël à El Camino
  • GR: Χριστούγεννα στο Ελ Καμίνο Χριστούγεννα στο Ελ Καμίνο
  • JP: エル・カミーノ・クリスマス エル・カミーノ・クリスマス
  • NO: Jul i El Camino Jul i El Camino
  • PL: Święta w El Camino Święta w El Camino
  • PT: Natal em El Camino Natal em El Camino
  • RU: Рождество в Эль-Камино Рождество в Эль-Камино
  • ES: Navidades en El Camino Navidades en El Camino
  • UA: El Camino Christmas El Camino Christmas
Directed by David E. Talbert
Artists Vincent D'Onofrio
as Carl Hooker
Tim Allen
as Larry Roth
Kurtwood Smith
as Sheriff Bob Fuller
Release date 08 Dec 2017
Genre Comedy Crime
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