Edtv 1999

A video store clerk agrees to have his life filmed by a camera crew for a television show.

All Titles
  • Ed TV
  • BR: Ed TV Ed TV
  • BG: Ед телевизията Ед телевизията
  • CA: Edtv Edtv
  • FI: Edtv Edtv
  • FR: En direct sur Ed TV En direct sur Ed TV
  • DE: EDtv - Immer auf Sendung EDtv - Immer auf Sendung
  • DE: EDtv EDtv
  • GR: Ed TV Ed TV
  • HU: Ed TV Ed TV
  • IT: Edtv Edtv
  • LT: Edo televizija Edo televizija
  • PL: Ed TV Ed TV
  • PT: Edtv Edtv
  • RO: Ed TV Ed TV
  • RU: Эд из телевизора Эд из телевизора
  • ES: EDtv EDtv
  • SE: EDtv EDtv
  • TR: EDtv EDtv
  • UA: Ед iз телевiзора Ед iз телевiзора
  • UY: EDtv EDtv
Directed by Ron Howard
Artists Elizabeth Hurley
as Jill
Matthew McConaughey
as Ed
Woody Harrelson
as Ray
Release date 26 Mar 1999
Genre Comedy Drama
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