Dynasty 1981

The trials and tribulations of two feuding families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, both oil rich families in Denver, Colorado.

All Titles
  • Династия
  • Der Denver-Clan
  • AR: Dinastía Dinastía
  • BR: Dinastia Dinastia
  • DK: Dollars Dollars
  • FI: Dynastia Dynastia
  • FR: Dynastie Dynastie
  • DE: Der Denver-Clan Der Denver-Clan
  • GR: Dynasteia Dynasteia
  • GR: Δυναστεία Δυναστεία
  • HU: Dinasztia Dinasztia
  • NO: Dynastiet Dynastiet
  • PE: Dinastía Dinastía
  • PL: Dynastia Dynastia
  • PT: Dinastia Dinastia
  • RO: Dinastia Dinastia
  • RU: Династия Династия
  • RS: Dinastija Dinastija
  • SI: Dinastija Dinastija
  • ES: Dinastía Dinastía
  • SE: Dynastin Dynastin
  • TR: Hanedan Hanedan
  • UY: Dinastía Dinastía
  • VE: Dinastía Dinastía
Artists Heather Locklear
as Sammy Jo Dean Carrington / 127 episodes, 1981-1989
Ian Abercrombie
as Judge / 3 episodes, 1984-1988
Kathleen Beller
as Kirby Anders / 46 episodes, 1982-1988
Release date 12 Jan 1981
Genre Drama Romance
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