Duplicity 2009

Two ex-government agents turned rival industrial spies have to be at the top of their game when one of their companies prepares to launch a major product. However, they distract each other in more ways than one.

All Titles
  • AR: Duplicidad Duplicidad
  • BR: Duplicidade Duplicidade
  • BG: Двуличие Двуличие
  • CA: Duplicité Duplicité
  • HR: Ti mi lažeš najbolje Ti mi lažeš najbolje
  • CZ: Dvojí hra Dvojí hra
  • EE: Kahepalgelised Kahepalgelised
  • FI: Kaksinaamaista peliä Kaksinaamaista peliä
  • FR: Duplicity Duplicity
  • DE: Duplicity - Gemeinsame Geheimsache Duplicity - Gemeinsame Geheimsache
  • GR: Adiakrisies Adiakrisies
  • GR: Αδιακρισίες Αδιακρισίες
  • HU: Kettős játék Kettős játék
  • IL: Mis'hak kafoul Mis'hak kafoul
  • LV: Neka personiga Neka personiga
  • LT: Sukti reikaliukai Sukti reikaliukai
  • MX: Duplicidad Duplicidad
  • PE: Duplicidad Duplicidad
  • PL: Gra dla dwojga Gra dla dwojga
  • PT: Dupla Sedução Dupla Sedução
  • RO: Duplicitate Duplicitate
  • RU: Ничего личного Ничего личного
  • RS: Dvoličnost Dvoličnost
  • SK: Dvojitá hra Dvojitá hra
  • SI: Dvojna igra Dvojna igra
  • ES: Duplicity Duplicity
  • TR: Sahtekârlar Sahtekârlar
  • UA: Подвiйна гра Подвiйна гра
Directed by Tony Gilroy
Artists Julia Roberts
as Claire Stenwick
Fabrizio Brienza
as Hotel Manager
Karl Bury
as Physec
Release date 20 Mar 2009
Genre Comedy Crime Romance Thriller
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Duplicity 2009