Dragon Eyes 2012

In St. Jude, drug dealers and corrupt cops have destroyed an urban neighborhood. But newcomer, Hong, has the fighting skills and moral vision to save this town from itself.

All Titles
  • BR: Olhos de Dragão Olhos de Dragão
  • BG: Драконови очи Драконови очи
  • CA: Les yeux du dragon Les yeux du dragon
  • CL: Dragon eyes Dragon eyes
  • FR: Dragon Eyes Dragon Eyes
  • GR: To vlemma tou drakou To vlemma tou drakou
  • HU: A sárkány szeme A sárkány szeme
  • HU: Sárkányszemek Sárkányszemek
  • IL: Eine'i drakon Eine'i drakon
  • IT: Dragon Eyes Dragon Eyes
  • IT: Gli occhi del dragone Gli occhi del dragone
  • PT: Olhos de Dragão Olhos de Dragão
  • RU: Глаза дракона Глаза дракона
  • ES: Los ojos del dragón Los ojos del dragón
  • TR: Ejder Göz Ejder Göz
Directed by John Hyams show all movies of John Hyams
Artists Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Tiano
Peter Weller
as Mister V
Danny Cosmo
as Junkie
Release date 09 Oct 2014
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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