Dracula's Daughter 1936

Hungarian countess Marya Zaleska seeks the aid of a noted psychiatrist, hoping to free herself of a mysterious evil influence.

All Titles
  • Дочь Дракулы
  • AR: La hija de Drácula La hija de Drácula
  • BR: A Filha de Drácula A Filha de Drácula
  • CZ: Draculova dcera Draculova dcera
  • FR: La fille de Dracula La fille de Dracula
  • DE: Draculas Tochter Draculas Tochter
  • GR: I kori tou Drakoula I kori tou Drakoula
  • HU: Drakula lánya Drakula lánya
  • IT: La figlia di Dracula La figlia di Dracula
  • NL: Dracula's dochter Dracula's dochter
  • PL: Córka Drakuli Córka Drakuli
  • PT: Vampiro Humano Vampiro Humano
  • RO: Fiica lui Dracula Fiica lui Dracula
  • RS: Drakulova ćerka Drakulova ćerka
  • ES: La hija de Drácula La hija de Drácula
  • SE: Draculas dotter Draculas dotter
  • : Daughter of Dracula Daughter of Dracula
Directed by Lambert Hillyer
Artists Claud Allister
as Sir Aubrey (as Claude Allister)
Agnes Anderson
as Elena - Bride in Transylvania
Billy Bevan
as Albert
Release date 11 May 1936
Genre Drama Fantasy Horror
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