Dr. Socrates 1935

A small-town doctor gets roped into helping a notorious bank robber.

All Titles
  • AT: Dr. Socrates Dr. Socrates
  • BR: Dr. Sócrates Dr. Sócrates
  • DK: En læge blandt gangsters En læge blandt gangsters
  • FI: Gangsterien pesässä Gangsterien pesässä
  • FR: Docteur Socrate Docteur Socrate
  • GR: Ap' to thanato sti zoi (Dr. Sokratis) Ap' to thanato sti zoi (Dr. Sokratis)
  • IT: Il dottor Socrate Il dottor Socrate
  • PT: Dr. Sócrates Dr. Sócrates
  • ES: El doctor Sócrates El doctor Sócrates
Directed by William Dieterle
Artists Marie Astaire
as Moll
Robert Barrat
as Dr. Ginder
Vangie Beilby
as Effie
Release date 19 Oct 1935
Genre Crime Drama Romance
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