Don't Blink 2015

Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, they are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the ...

All Titles
  • AF: Don't Blink Don't Blink
  • IT: Non chiudere gli occhi Non chiudere gli occhi
  • JP: ロッジ LODGE ロッジ LODGE
  • MX: Desaparecidos Desaparecidos
  • PL: Ani drgnij Ani drgnij
  • RU: Последняя остановка Последняя остановка
  • UA: Don't Blink Don't Blink
  • AF: Last Stop Last Stop
Directed by Travis Oates
Artists Robert Picardo
as Man in Black
Mena Suvari
as Tracy
Brian Austin Green
as Jack
Release date 11 Oct 2015
Genre Fantasy Horror Sci-Fi
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