Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan 2004

Dog lover Cesar Millan has an uncanny ability to rehabilitate problem dogs of all shapes and sizes.

All Titles
  • AU: Dog Whisperer Dog Whisperer
  • FI: Koirakuiskaaja Koirakuiskaaja
  • DE: Der Hundeflüsterer Der Hundeflüsterer
  • GR: Dog Whisperer Dog Whisperer
  • HU: A csodálatos kutyadoki A csodálatos kutyadoki
  • NO: Hundehviskeren Hundehviskeren
  • PT: O Encantador de Cães O Encantador de Cães
  • RU: Переводчик с собачьего Переводчик с собачьего
  • ES: El encantador de perros El encantador de perros
Artists Ginger Lynn
as 1 episode, 2010
Virginia Madsen
as Herself / 2 episodes, 2006-2008
Jada Pinkett Smith
as 1 episode, 2008
Release date 05 Jun 2004
Genre Family Reality-TV
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