Dinosaurs 1991

Dinosaurs follows the life of a family of dinosaurs, living in a modern world. They have TVs, fridges, etc. The only humans around are cavemen, who are viewed as pets and wild animals.

All Titles
  • Динозавры
  • AR: Dinosaurios Dinosaurios
  • BR: Família Dinossauros Família Dinossauros
  • FR: Dinosaures Dinosaures
  • DE: Die Dinos Die Dinos
  • HU: A dinoszauruszok A dinoszauruszok
  • IT: Dinosauri Dinosauri
  • JP: Kyouryuu kazoku Kyouryuu kazoku
  • ES: Dinosaurios Dinosaurios
Artists Tim Curry
as Chief Elder / 7 episodes, 1992-1994
Michael Dorn
as Elders / 4 episodes, 1991-1992
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as 1 episode, 1992
Release date 26 Apr 1991
Genre Comedy Family Fantasy
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