Dictado 2011

The teachers Daniel and Laura work at the same school and live together. Laura wants to have a baby, but her gynecologist has just informed that she cannot have children. One day, a weird ...

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  • Childish Games
  • ES: Dictado Dictado
  • BR: Jogos Infantis Jogos Infantis
  • DE: The Little Girl - Das Böse hat einen Namen The Little Girl - Das Böse hat einen Namen
  • PL: Dzieciece zabawy Dzieciece zabawy
  • PT: Dictado Dictado
  • RU: Детские игры Детские игры
  • TR: Lanetli Kiz Lanetli Kiz
  • ES: Dictation Dictation
  • ES: Childish Games Childish Games
Directed by Antonio Chavarrías show all movies of Antonio Chavarrías
Artists Juan Diego Botto
as Daniel
Monti Castiñeiras
as Alfonso
Maria Pau Pigem
as Doctora Moreno
Release date 09 Mar 2012
Genre Horror Thriller
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