Devil's Canyon 1953

In 1897 Arizona, an ex-marshal is sent to the territorial prison where many of his enemies, among guards and inmates alike, are eager for a chance at payback.

All Titles
  • Arizona Outpost
  • Hölle der Gefangenen
  • AT: Die Schreckensnacht von Yuma Die Schreckensnacht von Yuma
  • AT: Hölle der Gefangenen Hölle der Gefangenen
  • BR: Mais Forte Que a Lei Mais Forte Que a Lei
  • CA: Devil's Canyon Devil's Canyon
  • DK: Fægslet i djævlekløften Fægslet i djævlekløften
  • FI: Paholaisen laakso Paholaisen laakso
  • FR: La nuit sauvage La nuit sauvage
  • IT: L'inferno di Yuma L'inferno di Yuma
  • PT: Terra Maldita Terra Maldita
  • RO: Canionul diavolului Canionul diavolului
  • ES: Nit salvatge Nit salvatge
  • ES: Noche salvaje Noche salvaje
  • SE: Fängelset i djävulsdalen Fängelset i djävulsdalen
Directed by Alfred L. Werker show all movies of Alfred L. Werker
Artists Eric Alden
as Tim
Murray Alper
as Driver-Guard
Release date 13 Aug 1953
Genre Action Crime Drama Romance Western
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