Derailed 2005

When two married business executives having an affair are blackmailed by a violent criminal, the two must turn the tables on him to save their families.

All Titles
  • AR: Descarrilados Descarrilados
  • AT: Entgleist Entgleist
  • BR: Fora de Rumo Fora de Rumo
  • BG: Извън релcи Извън релcи
  • CA: Rencontre fatale Rencontre fatale
  • CO: Descarrilados Descarrilados
  • HR: Fatalni preljub Fatalni preljub
  • DK: Afsporet Afsporet
  • FI: Houkutus Houkutus
  • FR: Dérapage Dérapage
  • DE: Entgleist Entgleist
  • GR: Ektos trohias Ektos trohias
  • GR: Εκτός τροχιάς Εκτός τροχιάς
  • HU: Kisiklottak Kisiklottak
  • IR: Az Reyl Kharej Shode Az Reyl Kharej Shode
  • IT: Derailed - Attrazione letale Derailed - Attrazione letale
  • JP: Subete wa sono asa hajimatta Subete wa sono asa hajimatta
  • LT: Sugundytas Sugundytas
  • NO: Avsporing Avsporing
  • PL: Wykolejony Wykolejony
  • PT: Pecado Capital Pecado Capital
  • RO: Fara control Fara control
  • RU: Цена измены Цена измены
  • RS: Izbačeni iz koloseka Izbačeni iz koloseka
  • SK: Vykol'ajení - Hra s neverou Vykol'ajení - Hra s neverou
  • SI: Usodna prevara Usodna prevara
  • ES: Sin control Sin control
  • TR: Raydan çikanlar Raydan çikanlar
Directed by Mikael Håfström
Artists Jennifer Aniston
as Lucinda Harris
Vincent Cassel
as LaRoche
Tom Conti
as Eliot Firth
Release date 11 Nov 2005
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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Derailed 2005