Der große Ausverkauf 2007

The new hard-hitting documentary, The Big Sellout, challenges current economic orthodoxy in contending that the dogmatic claims of the international business establishment for neo-liberal ...

All Titles
  • DE: Der große Ausverkauf Der große Ausverkauf
  • BR: Tudo à Venda Tudo à Venda
  • BR: A Grande Liquidação A Grande Liquidação
  • GR: To megalo xepoulima To megalo xepoulima
  • HU: A nagy kiárusítás A nagy kiárusítás
  • MX: La gran venta La gran venta
  • SE: Den stora utförsäljningen Den stora utförsäljningen
  • DE: The Big Sellout The Big Sellout
Directed by Florian Opitz
Artists Joseph Stiglitz
as Himself
Release date 17 May 2007
Genre Documentary
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