Delirious 2006

An offbeat drama focused on a homeless youth, a pop music siren and a member of the paparazzi.

All Titles
  • BR: Delírios Delírios
  • BR: Delírios Delírios
  • BG: Нервакът Нервакът
  • CZ: Opilí slávou Opilí slávou
  • FR: Delirious Delirious
  • DE: Blitzlichtgewitter Blitzlichtgewitter
  • GR: Ola gia tin koryfi Ola gia tin koryfi
  • IT: Delirious - Tutto è possibile Delirious - Tutto è possibile
  • PL: W pogoni za slawa W pogoni za slawa
  • PT: Delírios Delírios
  • RU: Чoкнутый Чoкнутый
  • SI: Zbegani Zbegani
  • ES: Delirious Delirious
Directed by Tom DiCillo
Artists Steve Buscemi
as Les Galantine
Gina Gershon
as Dana
Minnie Driver
Release date 18 May 2007
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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