Deep Impact 1998

Unless a comet can be destroyed before colliding with Earth, only those allowed into shelters will survive. Which people will survive?

All Titles
  • Impact
  • AR: Impacto profundo Impacto profundo
  • AT: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • BR: Impacto Profundo Impacto Profundo
  • BG: Смъртоносно влияние Смъртоносно влияние
  • CA: L'impact L'impact
  • CA: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • HR: Žestoki udar Žestoki udar
  • CZ: Drtivý dopad Drtivý dopad
  • DK: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • EE: Kokkupõrge Kokkupõrge
  • FR: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • DE: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • GR: Olethria sygrousi Olethria sygrousi
  • GR: Ολέθρια σύγκρουση Ολέθρια σύγκρουση
  • HU: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • JP: Dîpu inpakuto Dîpu inpakuto
  • LT: Gilus sukretimas Gilus sukretimas
  • MX: Impacto profundo Impacto profundo
  • PE: Impacto profundo Impacto profundo
  • PL: Dzień zagłady Dzień zagłady
  • PT: Impacto Profundo Impacto Profundo
  • RO: Impact nimicitor Impact nimicitor
  • RU: Столкновение с бездной Столкновение с бездной
  • RS: Veliki udar Veliki udar
  • SI: Zadnji udarec Zadnji udarec
  • ES: Deep Impact Deep Impact
  • TR: Derin Darbe Derin Darbe
Directed by Mimi Leder
Artists Morgan Freeman
as President Beck
James Cromwell
as Alan Rittenhouse
Denise Crosby
as Vicky Hotchner
Release date 08 May 1998
Genre Action Drama Romance Sci-Fi Thriller
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