Deception 2008

An accountant is introduced to a mysterious sex club known as The List by his lawyer friend. But in this new world, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a woman's disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist.

All Titles
  • The List
  • Untitled Hugh Jackman Project
  • AR: El engaño El engaño
  • BR: A Lista: Você Está Livre Hoje? A Lista: Você Está Livre Hoje?
  • BG: Измама Измама
  • CA: Tromperie Tromperie
  • HR: Obmana Obmana
  • EE: Pettus Pettus
  • FI: Petollinen suhde Petollinen suhde
  • FR: Manipulation Manipulation
  • DE: Deception - Tödliche Versuchung Deception - Tödliche Versuchung
  • GR: Apoplanisi Apoplanisi
  • GR: Αποπλάνηση Αποπλάνηση
  • HU: Szex telefonhívásra Szex telefonhívásra
  • IT: Sex List - Omicidio a tre Sex List - Omicidio a tre
  • JP: Kare ga nido ai shita S Kare ga nido ai shita S
  • LT: Gundanti klasta Gundanti klasta
  • MX: Engaño Engaño
  • PE: Engaño Engaño
  • PL: Uwiedziony Uwiedziony
  • PT: No Limite da Ilusão No Limite da Ilusão
  • RO: Înşelătoria Înşelătoria
  • RU: Список контактов Список контактов
  • RS: Obmana Obmana
  • SI: Prevara Prevara
  • ES: La lista La lista
  • SE: The List The List
  • TR: Santaj Santaj
  • VE: El engaño El engaño
Directed by Marcel Langenegger
Artists Ewan McGregor
as Jonathan McQuarry
Natasha Henstridge
as Wall Street Analyst
Charlotte Rampling
as Wall Street Belle
Release date 25 Apr 2008
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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