Death in Paradise 2011

A British inspector is transferred to Saint-Marie's police department, but he hates the sun, sea and sand. The series follow his investigations into murders on the island. Later series see another British DI head the investigative team.

All Titles
  • UA: Death in Paradise Death in Paradise
  • BG: Убийства в рая Убийства в рая
  • DK: Death in Paradise Death in Paradise
  • EE: Surm paradiisis Surm paradiisis
  • FI: Murha paratiisissa Murha paratiisissa
  • FI: Mord i paradiset Mord i paradiset
  • FR: Meurtres au paradis Meurtres au paradis
  • DE: Death in Paradise Death in Paradise
  • GR: Thanatos ston paradeiso Thanatos ston paradeiso
  • GR: Θάνατος στον παράδεισο Θάνατος στον παράδεισο
  • HU: Halál a paradicsomban Halál a paradicsomban
  • IT: Delitti in Paradiso Delitti in Paradiso
  • NO: Mord i paradis Mord i paradis
  • PL: Smierc pod palmami Smierc pod palmami
  • RO: Moarte în Paradis Moarte în Paradis
  • RU: Смерть в раю Смерть в раю
  • ES: Crimen en el paraíso Crimen en el paraíso
  • SE: Mord i Paradiset Mord i Paradiset
  • UA: Злочин у раю Злочин у раю
Artists Stephanie Beacham
as 1 episode, 2013
Adrian Dunbar
as 2 episodes, 2011
Tara Fitzgerald
as 1 episode, 2016
Release date 24 May 2012
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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