Daybreak 1931

Willi, a brash young lieutenant in the Austrian Imperial Guard, bent on an evening of pleasure, visits a house of ill repute and gambling parlor. He meets Laura, a sweet innocent girl and ...

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  • BR: Alvorada Alvorada
  • DK: Daggry Daggry
  • IT: La piccola amica La piccola amica
  • MX: El nuevo día El nuevo día
  • PT: Alvorada de Amor Alvorada de Amor
  • SE: Daggryning Daggryning
Directed by Jacques Feyder show all movies of Jacques Feyder
Artists Ramon Novarro
as Willi
William Bakewell
as Otto
Lionel Belmore
as Herr Kessner
Release date 02 May 1931
Genre Drama
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