Dark Summer 2000

A traveling cellist gets involved with two disturbed sisters on their way to Seattle to tell their mom that their dad has just passed away. On the way, the two kill a judge and a few others...

All Titles
  • Innocents
  • DE: Dark Summer Dark Summer
  • EU: Innocents Innocents
  • FI: Pahat tytöt Pahat tytöt
  • FR: Dark Summer Dark Summer
  • DE: Blond und skrupellos Blond und skrupellos
  • IT: Innocents Innocents
  • PL: Niewinni Niewinni
  • PT: Inocentes mas Perigosas Inocentes mas Perigosas
  • PT: Inocentes mas Perigosas Inocentes mas Perigosas
  • ES: Innocents Innocents
Directed by Gregory Marquette
Artists Anne Archer
as Beryl Denright
Mia Kirshner
as Dominique Denright
Jean-Hugues Anglade
as Gerard Huxley
Release date 06 Feb 2002
Genre Thriller
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