Dark Angel 1990

A Renegade Cop is forced to work with an FBI Agent in order to bring down a group of Drug Dealers with sinister plans.

All Titles
  • Ангел тьмы
  • Lethal Contact
  • I Come in Peace
  • Dark Angel - Tag der Abrechnung
  • AT: Dark Angel Dark Angel
  • BR: O Grande Anjo Negro O Grande Anjo Negro
  • BG: Ангел на мрака Ангел на мрака
  • CA: Dark Angel Dark Angel
  • CL: Ángel Negro Ángel Negro
  • CZ: Temný andel Temný andel
  • DK: Dark Angel Dark Angel
  • EE: Pimeduse ingel Pimeduse ingel
  • EE: Ma tulen rahus Ma tulen rahus
  • FI: Svart ängel Svart ängel
  • FI: Musta enkeli Musta enkeli
  • FI: Dark angel - musta enkeli Dark angel - musta enkeli
  • FI: Musta Enkeli Musta Enkeli
  • FR: Dark Angel Dark Angel
  • GR: Dynami katastrofis Dynami katastrofis
  • GR: Δύναμη καταστροφής Δύναμη καταστροφής
  • HU: Sötét angyal Sötét angyal
  • IT: Arma non convenzionale Arma non convenzionale
  • MX: El destructor mortal El destructor mortal
  • PL: Aniol smierci Aniol smierci
  • PL: Mroczny aniol Mroczny aniol
  • PT: Anjo Negro Anjo Negro
  • RS: Tamni anđeo Tamni anđeo
  • ES: Dark Angel: Ángel de la muerte Dark Angel: Ángel de la muerte
  • ES: El ángel de las tinieblas El ángel de las tinieblas
  • TR: Karanlik melek Karanlik melek
Directed by Craig R. Baxley
Artists Dolph Lundgren
as Det. Jack Caine
Brian Benben
as Special Agent Arwood 'Larry' Smith
Jesse Vint
as McMurphy, Man in Mercedes
Release date 28 Sep 1990
Genre Action Crime Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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Dark Angel 1990