Dangerous Minds 1995

An ex-Marine turned teacher struggles to connect with her students in an inner city school.

All Titles
  • My Posse Don't Do Homework
  • AR: Mentes peligrosas Mentes peligrosas
  • BR: Mentes Perigosas Mentes Perigosas
  • BG: Опасен ум Опасен ум
  • CA: Mentalité dangereuse Mentalité dangereuse
  • HR: Opasne misli Opasne misli
  • DK: Dangereous Minds Dangereous Minds
  • FI: Levottomat sielut Levottomat sielut
  • FR: Esprits rebelles Esprits rebelles
  • DE: Dangerous Minds - Wilde Gedanken Dangerous Minds - Wilde Gedanken
  • GR: Asymvivasti genia Asymvivasti genia
  • GR: Ασυμβίβαστη γενιά Ασυμβίβαστη γενιά
  • HU: Veszélyes kölykök Veszélyes kölykök
  • IT: Pensieri pericolosi Pensieri pericolosi
  • JP: Dangerous Minds Dangerous Minds
  • JP: Until Graduation Day Until Graduation Day
  • LT: Pavojingos mintys Pavojingos mintys
  • MX: Mentes peligrosas Mentes peligrosas
  • NO: Dangerous Minds - Valget er ditt Dangerous Minds - Valget er ditt
  • PL: Mlodzi gniewni Mlodzi gniewni
  • PT: Mentes Perigosas Mentes Perigosas
  • RO: Minţi periculoase Minţi periculoase
  • RU: Опасные умы Опасные умы
  • RS: Opasni umovi Opasni umovi
  • SI: Nevarna srca Nevarna srca
  • ES: Mentes peligrosas Mentes peligrosas
  • SE: Farliga sinnen Farliga sinnen
  • TR: Sakincali düsünceler Sakincali düsünceler
Directed by John N. Smith
Artists Michelle Pfeiffer
as Louanne Johnson
Robin Bartlett
as Mrs. Carla Nichols
George Dzundza
as Hal Griffith
Release date 11 Aug 1995
Genre Biography Drama
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