Cubbyhouse 2001

A mom of 3 buys a cheap, old house. The backyard cubby-house is cursed with pure evil that took the previous owner's 2 kids.

All Titles
  • Hellion: The Devil's Playground
  • AU: Cubbyhouse Cubbyhouse
  • AU: The Third Circle The Third Circle
  • BR: Casa do Terror Casa do Terror
  • BG: Третият кръг Третият кръг
  • FI: Paholaisen leikkimökki Paholaisen leikkimökki
  • FR: Cubbyhouse Cubbyhouse
  • DE: Cubbyhouse - Das Teufelshaus Cubbyhouse - Das Teufelshaus
  • DE: Cubbyhouse - Spielplatz des Teufels Cubbyhouse - Spielplatz des Teufels
  • GR: O paidotopos O paidotopos
  • NO: Cubbyhouse Cubbyhouse
  • PH: The Cubby House The Cubby House
  • PT: A Casa dos Brinquedos A Casa dos Brinquedos
  • ES: Cubbyhouse: La cabaña Cubbyhouse: La cabaña
  • SE: Den tredje cirkeln Den tredje cirkeln
Directed by Murray Fahey
Artists Chris Brown
as Newsreader
Peter Callan
as Don
Jerome Ehlers
as Harrison / Harlow
Release date 22 Feb 2002
Genre Comedy Horror Thriller
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