Crazy Heart 2009

A faded country music musician is forced to reassess his dysfunctional life during a doomed romance that also inspires him.

All Titles
  • AR: Loco corazón Loco corazón
  • BR: Coração Louco Coração Louco
  • BG: Лудо сърце Лудо сърце
  • CA: Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
  • HR: Ludo srce Ludo srce
  • FR: Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
  • GR: Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
  • HU: Őrült szív Őrült szív
  • HU: Örült szív Örült szív
  • JP: Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
  • LT: Pašelusi širdis Pašelusi širdis
  • MX: Loco corazón Loco corazón
  • PE: Loco corazón Loco corazón
  • PL: Szalone serce Szalone serce
  • RO: Inimã nebunã Inimã nebunã
  • RU: Сумасшедшее сердце Сумасшедшее сердце
  • SI: Noro srce Noro srce
  • ES: Corazón rebelde Corazón rebelde
  • TR: Çilgin kalp Çilgin kalp
  • UA: Шалене серце Шалене серце
  • UY: Loco corazón Loco corazón
Directed by Scott Cooper
Artists Jeff Bridges
as Bad Blake
Robert Duvall
as Wayne
Josh Berry
as Security Guard
Release date 05 Feb 2010
Genre Drama Music Romance
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