Crank 2006

Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops.

All Titles
  • AR: Crank, veneno en la sangre Crank, veneno en la sangre
  • BR: Adrenalina Adrenalina
  • BG: Огън в кръвта Огън в кръвта
  • CA: Crinqué Crinqué
  • HR: Ubrzanje Ubrzanje
  • CZ: Zastav a neprezijes Zastav a neprezijes
  • EE: Adrenaliin Adrenaliin
  • FR: Hyper tension Hyper tension
  • GR: Ektos orion Ektos orion
  • GR: Εκτός ορίων Εκτός ορίων
  • HU: Crank - Felpörgetve Crank - Felpörgetve
  • IT: Crank Crank
  • JP: Adrenaline Adrenaline
  • LT: Adrenalinas Adrenalinas
  • MX: Muerte anunciada Muerte anunciada
  • PL: Adrenalina Adrenalina
  • PT: Crank - Veneno no Sangue Crank - Veneno no Sangue
  • RO: Razbunare si adrenalina Razbunare si adrenalina
  • RU: Адреналин Адреналин
  • RS: Adrenalin Adrenalin
  • SI: Adrenalin Adrenalin
  • KR: Adrenaline 24 Adrenaline 24
  • ES: Crank: Veneno en la sangre Crank: Veneno en la sangre
  • TR: Tetikçi Tetikçi
  • UA: Адреналiн Адреналiн
  • UY: Crank, veneno en la sangre Crank, veneno en la sangre
Directed by Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor
Artists Amy Smart
as Eve
Jason Statham
as Chev Chelios
Melissa Barker
as Pedestrian
Release date 01 Sep 2006
Genre Action Crime Thriller
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