Corvette K-225 1943

The story of a Canadian WWII naval vessel, with a dramatic subplot concerning her first captain.

All Titles
  • Corvettes in Action
  • AT: Korvette K-225 Korvette K-225
  • BR: Corvetas em Ação Corvetas em Ação
  • CA: Corvette K-225 Corvette K-225
  • DK: Korvet K-225 Korvet K-225
  • FI: Merten sissit Merten sissit
  • FI: Havets fribytare Havets fribytare
  • DE: Korvette K-225 Korvette K-225
  • GR: Korvetta K-225 Korvetta K-225
  • IT: Corvetta K-225 Corvetta K-225
  • MX: Mar abierto Mar abierto
  • PT: Corveta K 255 Corveta K 255
  • RO: Corveta K-225 Corveta K-225
  • ES: Heroes del mar Heroes del mar
  • SE: Korvett K-225 Korvett K-225
  • UA: The Nelson Touch The Nelson Touch
Directed by Richard Rosson,Howard Hawks show all movies of Richard Rosson,Howard Hawks
Artists Robert Mitchum
as Sheppard
Randolph Scott
as Lieut. Commander MacClain
Noah Beery Jr.
as Stone
Release date 29 Sep 1943
Genre Drama War
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