Contraband 2012

To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills.

All Titles
  • BR: Contrabando Contrabando
  • BG: Контрабанда Контрабанда
  • CA: Contrebande Contrebande
  • HR: Krijumčari Krijumčari
  • EE: Salakaup Salakaup
  • FI: Salakuljettaja Salakuljettaja
  • FR: Contrebande Contrebande
  • DE: Contraband - Gefährliche Fracht Contraband - Gefährliche Fracht
  • GR: To teliko htypima To teliko htypima
  • GR: Το τελικό χτύπημα Το τελικό χτύπημα
  • HU: Csempészek Csempészek
  • IL: Ha'mavriah Ha'mavriah
  • IT: Contraband Contraband
  • JP: Hard Rush Hard Rush
  • LV: Kontrabanda Kontrabanda
  • LT: Kontrabanda Kontrabanda
  • MX: Contrabando Contrabando
  • PE: Contrabando Contrabando
  • PL: Kontrabanda Kontrabanda
  • PT: Contrabando Contrabando
  • RO: Contrabanda Contrabanda
  • RU: Контрабанда Контрабанда
  • RS: Krijumčarenje Krijumčarenje
  • SI: Tihotapci Tihotapci
  • ES: Contraband Contraband
  • TR: Son Vurgun Son Vurgun
  • UA: Контрабанда Контрабанда
  • UA: Untitled Reykjavik-Rotterdam Remake Untitled Reykjavik-Rotterdam Remake
  • UY: Contrabando Contrabando
Directed by Baltasar Kormákur
Artists Mark Wahlberg
as Chris Farraday
Kate Beckinsale
as Kate Farraday
Giovanni Ribisi
as Tim Briggs
Release date 13 Jan 2012
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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Contraband 2012