Confidential Agent 1945

During the Spanish Civil War, a republican courier travels to England to try and buy coal. He meets with an amount of local hostility, while his life is at risk from those on the fascist ...

All Titles
  • Секретный агент
  • Jagd im Nebel
  • BR: Quando os Destinos Se Cruzam Quando os Destinos Se Cruzam
  • CL: Agente confidencial Agente confidencial
  • DK: Hemmelig agent Hemmelig agent
  • FI: Salainen asiamies Salainen asiamies
  • FI: Madridin lähettiläs Madridin lähettiläs
  • FR: Agent secret Agent secret
  • GR: O empristis O empristis
  • IT: L'agente confidenziale L'agente confidenziale
  • MX: Cadenas del destino Cadenas del destino
  • ES: Agente confidencial Agente confidencial
  • SE: Som hemlig agent Som hemlig agent
  • YU: Poverljivi agent Poverljivi agent
Directed by Herman Shumlin show all movies of Herman Shumlin
Artists Lauren Bacall
as Rose Cullen
Peter Lorre
as Contreras
Charles Boyer
as Luis Denard
Release date 10 Nov 1945
Genre Drama Thriller
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