Coma 1978

When a young female doctor notices an unnatural amount of comas occurring in her hospital she uncovers a horrible conspiracy.

All Titles
  • Кома
  • AT: Coma Coma
  • BG: Кома Кома
  • CA: Morts suspectes Morts suspectes
  • CA: Coma Coma
  • DK: Coma Coma
  • FI: Kooma Kooma
  • FR: Morts suspectes Morts suspectes
  • GR: To mystirio tou thalamou 8 To mystirio tou thalamou 8
  • GR: Το μυστήριο του θαλάμου 8 Το μυστήριο του θαλάμου 8
  • HU: Kóma Kóma
  • IT: Coma profondo Coma profondo
  • JP: Kôma Kôma
  • MX: Coma Coma
  • PL: Coma Coma
  • PL: Śpiączka Śpiączka
  • PT: Coma Coma
  • RO: Coma Coma
  • RS: Koma Koma
  • SI: Koma - na meji smrti Koma - na meji smrti
  • ES: Coma Coma
  • SE: Koma Koma
Directed by Michael Crichton
Artists Michael Douglas
as Dr. Mark Bellows
Ed Harris
as Pathology Resident #2
Tom Selleck
as Sean Murphy
Release date 06 Jan 1978
Genre Drama Horror Mystery Thriller
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