Coach Carter 2005

Controversy surrounds high school basketball coach Ken Carter after he benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with him.

All Titles
  • All Day Long
  • AR: Juego de honor Juego de honor
  • BR: Coach Carter: Treino para a Vida Coach Carter: Treino para a Vida
  • BG: Треньорът Картър Треньорът Картър
  • CA: Coach Carter Coach Carter
  • HR: Trener Carter Trener Carter
  • DE: Coach Carter Coach Carter
  • GR: Coach Carter Coach Carter
  • HU: Carter edző Carter edző
  • LT: Treneris Karteris Treneris Karteris
  • PL: Trener Trener
  • PT: Treinador Carter Treinador Carter
  • RO: Antrenorul Carter Antrenorul Carter
  • RU: Тренер Картер Тренер Картер
  • RS: Trener Karter Trener Karter
  • SI: Trener Carter Trener Carter
  • ES: Entrenador Carter Entrenador Carter
  • ES: Juego de honor Juego de honor
  • UA: Тренер Картер Тренер Картер
Directed by Thomas Carter
Artists Samuel L. Jackson
as Coach Ken Carter
Debbi Morgan
as Tonya
as Kyra
Release date 14 Jan 2005
Genre Biography Drama Sport
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