Christine 1983

A nerdish boy buys a strange car with an evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.

All Titles
  • Кристина
  • John Carpenter's Christine
  • AR: Christine Christine
  • BE: De Satanische Schuit De Satanische Schuit
  • BR: Christine, o Carro Assassino Christine, o Carro Assassino
  • BG: Кристин Кристин
  • CA: Christine Christine
  • DK: Christine Christine
  • FI: Christine Christine
  • FI: Christine - tappaja-auto Christine - tappaja-auto
  • FR: Christine Christine
  • GR: Christine Christine
  • GR: Κριστίν Κριστίν
  • IT: Christine - La macchina infernale Christine - La macchina infernale
  • JP: Christine Christine
  • LT: Kristina Kristina
  • MX: Christine Christine
  • MX: Cristina Cristina
  • NO: Christine Christine
  • PE: Christine: El auto del diablo Christine: El auto del diablo
  • PT: Christine: O Carro Assassino Christine: O Carro Assassino
  • RS: Kristina - auto ubica Kristina - auto ubica
  • ES: Christine Christine
  • UA: Крiстiна Крiстiна
  • UA: Christine Christine
Directed by John Carpenter show all movies of John Carpenter
Artists Alexandra Paul
as Leigh Cabot
Kelly Preston
as Roseanne
Harry Dean Stanton
as Detective Rudolph Junkins
Release date 09 Dec 1983
Genre Horror Thriller
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