Chisum 1970

Cattle baron John Chisum joins forces with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County land war.

All Titles
  • Чизaм
  • Chisum and the Lincoln County Cattle War
  • AT: Chisum Chisum
  • BR: Uma Lenda Americana Uma Lenda Americana
  • BR: Chisum Chisum
  • BR: Chisum, Uma Lenda Americana Chisum, Uma Lenda Americana
  • BG: Чизъм Чизъм
  • CA: Chisum Chisum
  • DK: Chisum Chisum
  • FI: Chisum Chisum
  • FR: Chisum Chisum
  • GR: Enantion olon ton paranomon Enantion olon ton paranomon
  • GR: Εναντίον όλων των παρανόμων Εναντίον όλων των παρανόμων
  • JP: Chizamu Chizamu
  • MX: Chisum, rey de Oeste Chisum, rey de Oeste
  • PT: Chisum, o Senhor do Oeste Chisum, o Senhor do Oeste
  • RO: Chisum Chisum
  • ES: Chisum Chisum
  • TR: Ben istersem yasarsin Ben istersem yasarsin
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
Artists John Wayne
as John Chisum
Release date 29 Jul 1970
Genre Biography Western
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