Cheyenne Autumn 1964

The Cheyenne, tired of broken U.S. government promises, head for their ancestral lands but a sympathetic cavalry officer is tasked to bring them back to their reservation.

All Titles
  • Podzim cejenu
  • Осень Шайеннов
  • The Long Flight
  • John Ford's Cheyenne Autumn
  • Cheyenne
  • AR: El ocaso de los cheyennes El ocaso de los cheyennes
  • AT: Cheyenne Cheyenne
  • BR: Crepúsculo de Uma Raça Crepúsculo de Uma Raça
  • BG: Есента на шайените Есента на шайените
  • CA: Cheyenne Autumn Cheyenne Autumn
  • CA: Les Cheyennes Les Cheyennes
  • DK: Indianerne Indianerne
  • EG: Kharif alshayan Kharif alshayan
  • FI: Cheyenne Cheyenne
  • FR: Les Cheyennes Les Cheyennes
  • GR: To deilino tis megalis sfagis To deilino tis megalis sfagis
  • HU: Cheyenne ősz Cheyenne ősz
  • IR: Paeez-e ghabile-ye shayen Paeez-e ghabile-ye shayen
  • IT: Il grande sentiero Il grande sentiero
  • JP: Shaian Shaian
  • JP: Cheyenne Cheyenne
  • LT: Čejenu ruduo Čejenu ruduo
  • MX: El ocaso de los cheyenes El ocaso de los cheyenes
  • NO: Flukten mot nord-vest Flukten mot nord-vest
  • PL: Jesien Cheyennów Jesien Cheyennów
  • PT: O Grande Combate O Grande Combate
  • RO: Toamnă Cheyenne Toamnă Cheyenne
  • ES: El gran combate El gran combate
  • SE: Indianerna Indianerna
  • TR: Baharda hücum Baharda hücum
  • UA: John Ford's Cheyenne Autumn John Ford's Cheyenne Autumn
  • YU: Jesen Cejena Jesen Cejena
Directed by John Ford show all movies of John Ford
Artists Edward G. Robinson
as Secretary of the Interior Carl Schurz
James Stewart
as Wyatt Earp
Sal Mineo
as Red Shirt
Release date 22 Jan 1965
Genre Drama History Western
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