Champagne Waltz 1937

Champagne Waltz is one of five movies produced by Paramount in the 1930s featuring Gladys Swarthout, a very popular Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano. The studio was attempting to build on ...

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  • AT: Champagner-Walzer Champagner-Walzer
  • BR: A Valsa da Champanha A Valsa da Champanha
  • BR: Valsa da Champanha Valsa da Champanha
  • BR: Valsa da Champanhe Valsa da Champanhe
  • BR: Valsa do Champanhe Valsa do Champanhe
  • DK: Champagnevalsen Champagnevalsen
  • FI: Samppanjavalssi Samppanjavalssi
  • FR: Champagne valse Champagne valse
  • IT: Valzer champagne Valzer champagne
  • PT: A Valsa do Champanhe A Valsa do Champanhe
  • SE: Champagne-valsen Champagne-valsen
Directed by A. Edward Sutherland show all movies of A. Edward Sutherland
Artists Carol Adams
as Dancer
Rudolph Anders
as Emperor Franz Joseph
Benny Baker
as Flip
Release date 05 Feb 1937
Genre Comedy
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